Uncategorized 15 REASONS TO OWN A HOME
Uncategorized 15 REASONS TO OWN A HOME
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: MUST KNOW FINANCING OPTIONS FOR AN REO PROPERTY FOR BUYERS: MUST-KNOW FINANCING OPTIONS FOR AN REO PROPERTY Have you considered a REO property, or a house that has been foreclosed on and was unable to sell at auction? If you have, make sure you know all the options and details when it comes to buying a REO home. I found this article that gives […]
Uncategorized 15 Reasons to Own a Home
Uncategorized 15 Reasons Why You Should Own A Home
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: ASK THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT QUESTIONS FOR BUYERS: ASK THE RIGHT PEOPLE THE RIGHT QUESTIONS When you find the exact home you’ve been looking for, take the opportunity to talk to the neighbors. Your potential neighbors may be able to give insight into neighborhood and house, before deciding to buy. I came across a few ideas that can help jump start […]
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: FINAL WALK THROUGH LIST FOR BUYERS: FINAL WALKTHROUGH CHECKLIST Perhaps the most important moments for you as a buyer are during the final walkthrough. The walkthrough will give you an opportunity to check out all the little and big things you might have missed while getting caught up in the excitement of homeownership. I came across this checklist that you […]
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY. FOR BUYERS: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE YOU BUY Don’t let the excitement of the home buying process deter you from sticking to your plan. The most important approach a buyer can take is creating a plan and sticking to it no matter what distractions or issues arise during the process. Take a look at […]
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Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: 5 STEPS TO SUSTAINABLE HOME OWNERSHIP FOR BUYERS: 5 STEPS TO SUSTAINABLE HOME OWNERSHIP Knowing what steps to take to ensure that your home purchase is financially sustainable takes some figuring out.  Check out this article that goes through 5 steps that can assist you in figuring out how you can make your purchase one that isn’t a burden on your budget. […]
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: MAKING A PLAN AND STICKING TO IT. FOR BUYERS: MAKE A BUYING PLAN AND STICK TO IT Preparing to buy a home takes a very well-thought out plan and strategy. I found a very informative guide that can help you plan to purchase a home. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I like helping my buyers prepare because it makes the buying process […]
Uncategorized FOR BUYERS: 4 Guidelines for HOMEBUYERS FOR BUYERS: 4 GUIDELINES FOR HOMEBUYERS As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I’ve noticed that an informed buyer is a happy buyer. So, I found some information that I wanted to share with you on becoming a prepared buyer. Take a quick look and let me know if you have any questions. I look forward […]
Uncategorized AGE FRIENDLY CITIES   Consumer Newsletter – June 2014 By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau www.sres.org       Age-friendly Cities By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau By 2030, one out of every five people in the U.S. will be age 65 plus, says AARP. How well those seniors will live depends greatly on the environment both inside their houses and outside. By incorporating […]
Uncategorized For Buyers Saving for that New House FOR BUYERS: SAVING FOR YOUR HOME Buying a home takes a well thought out and solid financial plan. I came across this article that offers some excellent advice for saving money for your dream home. As an Accredited Buyer’s Representative (ABR®), I am always looking for information to share with my buyers. If you have any […]
Uncategorized The Cost of Waiting!
Uncategorized Move Up Buyers very Active!
Uncategorized Don’t Wait to Move Up!
Uncategorized Senior Real Estate Specialist April Newsletter ~~ Consumer Newsletter – April 2014 By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau www.sres.org    Make Renovation Dollars Work for You So after a grueling winter, it seems like spring may actually arrive this year. If home improvements are on your to-do list and you can’t decide where to spend your renovation dollars, take a look at the 2014 Cost […]